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Love Mother Gaia…And she will love you back…

Image..Love Mother Gaia and she will love you back….You are one of her children….Honor Mother Gaia and her siblings,each flower,eac tree,each leaf,has a manifestation of Her Spirit inside …..Love the animals she carries with her..For they are much wiser than us,living in the Now…..Listening only to their instict….Learn from them,pay attention to them,for we are animlas to….They may not speak our language,but can communicate in a much more important&meaningful  way than our words trying so hard to re-present what the eyes of our Soul can see….Words are never enough,pay attention how animals communicate.Connect with Nature,for she is our Home…And soon we ‘ll be homeless….Mother Gaia can protect herself….In fact,it isn’t Mother Gaia that is in danger for polluting&destroying  her beautiful body…..It is us that are in danger and in fear of extinction,the same species that caused all those troubles polluting the same ground we are feeding from….Gaia has her own way of surviving over so many Centuries…..After each disaster,a New Age comes….Another Circle is formed,and she is Transformed for one more time….It is US that have to transform ourselves this time,in order to break the chain of Innemurable Circles into Ages,circles that seek to reach an end,one purpose…..Until Bipolar Nature of Conciousness& Realization becomes One….And Mother Gaia moves into another level of Existence….And so will we….If we follow our hearts and see with our inner eye that seeks the Truth… 


2 comments on “Love Mother Gaia…And she will love you back…

  1. Παράθεμα: Colour therapy article on the go and a new colour scheme for my little corner of the web « the nomadic angel

  2. kallicat
    Οκτώβριος 29, 2012

    thank you so much for the reblog i don’t have enough time for blogging,but it meant a lot to me as this was my first attempt to write anything on the net 🙂 i will be reading your posts and reblogging…..and maybe posting a new article…someday 😛 ~~ Namaste~~


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